Sunday, December 28, 2014

"To be a master is very different from being an expert." by Badger Johnson

To be a master is very different from being an expert.
Experts know things….

Masters have self-knowledge and understand what is necessary and have constructed a framework from which to evolve and test principles. Those principles can include physical attributes but must not be based on them, for attributes fade.

By enacting mastery, you have now trimmed down your plan to only the most useful and successful concepts.

All other techniques or skills that did not hold up or are of low percentage are left behind

One must tailored plans to the exact situation, leave behind the tendency to ‘cling’ to a plan.

With understanding of strengths, weaknesses, and limitations and expectations, preparations are ramped up to meet the need.

Mastery now becomes a living, breathing, growing entity. It must be fed, played with, nurtured, and grown. New concepts need to be added and tested. Mastery should never become stagnant.

Mastery will continue to evolve due to the fact that our situation will continue to change. As we begin to age our strengths, weaknesses, and limitations will change. Our strategy and tactics will have to adapt to these situations. These changes will be constant and adjustments will need to be continually made.

One way is to underestimate your own capabilities and over-estimate those of the opponent. The opponent might be a person, a thing, a situation or something internal.

Just some thoughts on a Monday morning...

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NOTE: My sincerest gratitude to my friend Badger Johnson for his gracious permission in allowing me to repost here a piece he wrote up on Facebook.



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