Saturday, December 13, 2014

"The Liar, The Cheat and the Thief" by Maija Soderholm drops today!

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Photo Credit:  Maija Soderholm

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Photo Credit:  Maija Soderholm

Back in October this year, I gave you all an heads-up on my friend Maija Soderholm's upcoming book. Time flies! The looooooooong wait is over... it is dropping today!

Maija posted to her Facebook last night:

Just got the hard copy proof of my book in the mail. This might really be happening ..


Hitting the 'red button' to publish tomorrow - All the usual channels, Smashwords, Kindle, Amazon. Video drills set to accompany book are not available yet, but will be available shortly. Still organizing and working out how best to offer the download - There are I believe 68 drills in the book, and we made about 40 videos to work in concert with them so it's quite a bit of work ... 

Please check back here for updated links for book/ebook purchases or search Smashwords, Kindle, and Amazon for them.

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Links to order the book

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