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Expanded Ways of Attack by Badger Johnson

Expanded Ways of Attack

When Bruce Lee adapted the Five Angles of Attack from reading about it in a fencing manual, he did not have as complete a vision of all possible aspects of fighting as we do now. With that in mind I think we can expand those angles to include some aspects that are seen in mixed martial arts. His original notion was a method of grouping attack outside of specific techniques, but those attacks don't cover the grappling ranges very well. It would be not be as descriptive or useful to explain a throw, a takedown, or a submission in terms like SAA, since it's not a single motion.

Here then is an expansion of the angles of attack with respect to modern martial arts:

RANGES - A better method of analysis is achieved by grouping attack methods by range.

·      Single Attack (SAA) - a single, simple attack.
·      Attack by combination (ABC) - using a planned flurry of blows to open lines.
·      Indirect attack (PIA) – attack with faking, feinting.
·      Hand/Arm/Leg/Body immobilization attack (IA) - any attack, including grabs, parries, blocks or traps, which opens a line.
·      Attack by Drawing (ABD) - opening a line to draw an attack, which bring the opponent into range or creates vulnerability.
·      Attack by Sacrifice (ABS) - taking a hit to open a line. In chess giving up a piece to open a line, gain territory or advantage.

Standing Grappling
·      Attack by Leverage (ABLE) – attack by various whizzers, trips, sweeps.
·      Attack by Penetration (ABP) (takedown, tackle). In wrestling, you lower the level and then acquire the hold via the penetration step.
·      Attack by Unbalancing (ABU) – attack by removing the center of gravity beyond the base of support.
·      Attack by Lifting (ABLI) – attack by suplex, body lock twisting lifts, spiking and spearing.
·      ABD - same as above but with specific elements, including sprawling.
·      Attack by Sacrifice (ABS) - Sacrifice throws, giving an advantage to get leverage, pulling guard.

Ground Grappling
·      Attack by top control or position - (ABTC) In ground grappling, top control serves as an attack by positional dominance.
·      Unskilled opponents can tap to being under top control in a panic.
·      Attack by Submission (ABSub) - a type of positional dominance attack, but with ability to end the fight immediately.
·      ABD - An ABD but with specific grappling elements.
·      Attack by Sacrifice (ABS) – attack by giving up a limb to get a sweep.

-Badger Johnson, 2015

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