Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Green Hornet E20 - Ace in the Hole (03 Feb 1967)

48 years ago on this date of February 3rd in the year 1967, the 20th episode of the new TV series, The Green Hornet, aired.

Posted this episode to mirror the airdate from 48 years ago. I wonder how the celebration of Brandon's 2nd birthday on Feb. 1 only 2 days ago went?


Green Hornet E20
Ace in the Hole (03 Feb 1967) 
After years of battling each other, Phil Trager and Steve Gant plan to merge their criminal organizations into one mob. The Green Hornet plans to use reporter Mike Axford as bait in order to sow distrust between the two gangsters and rupture their budding criminal alliance.

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