Sunday, February 01, 2015

Happy 50th Birthday Brandon Lee!!

Today would've been Brandon Lee's 50th Birthday!!

In his honor, posting some pictures of him as well as some quotes.


Brandon Lee with Eliza Hutton on the Red Carpet, October 1991

Like father, like son!

2 years old

"The only blonde haired, gray eyed chinaman in the world" ~ Bruce Lee

"Dad was a very, very dedicated trainer, and he taught me the right way to do things from the beginning, but I remember at first it was like play. Only later did martial arts become a discipline that I studied and worked very hard at."

"My biggest sin is that I drink a lot of coffee."
From a John Little interview from 1992

"the best thing martial arts can teach you is about yourself. When you progress toward mastery of the martial arts you come up against barrier - strengths and weaknesses - inside yourself, and in order to continue training you need to overcome them. You learn a lot about yourself, and other yourself, and other people as well "  ~ August, 1992

"For me, the martial arts is a search for something inside. It's not just a physical discipline. Because, if it was just a physical discipline, you may as well take up weightlifting, or playing soccer, or baseball, or anything else. Why is it the martial arts have generated this tremendous interest and excitement that these other things haven't? Because these other things are just surface. When you see someone who is greatest at what they do, it goes beyond a physical perfection. The don't just go out there and pump their muscles and win. There's got to be an inner spiritual - whatever it is for them - aspect to what they're doing. That's what the martial arts is to me. I'm trying to develop that. The physical stuff comes along with it, and is an expression of it. And each move should be an expression of the serenity that's inside. Because if the move is just a move, then it's just waving your arms about and shouting. And anybody can do that."

Photo Credits:  All pictures via Brandon bruce lee Facebook

NOTE:  Posted 2/26/15 and backdated to 2/1. Check this future post for an explanation, "Catchup 2015 Jan - Feb". (no link now)



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