Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Green Hornet episode 22 - Trouble For Prince Charming (17 Feb 1967)

48 years ago on this date of February 17th in the year 1967, the 22nd episode of the new TV series, The Green Hornet, aired.

Posted this episode to mirror the airdate from 48 years ago.


Green Hornet episode 22
Trouble For Prince Charming (17 Feb 1967) 
The fiancée of a visiting dignitary, Prince Rafil, is kidnapped. The crooks demand Rafil return home and announce his abdication, or else the future princess will be killed. Britt Reid knows that meeting their demands will be no guarantee of the young lady's safety, but when he is unable to dissuade the prince from returning home, he works out another strategy. In his Green Hornet guise, he kidnaps Prince Rafil and offers to free his fiancée in exchange for a fee. Suspecting she is being held by some of Rafil's own men, he sneaks into the foreign consulate to look for...

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