Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Green Hornet E18 - Corpse of the Year (Part 1) (13 Jan 1967)

48 years ago on this date of January 13th in the year 1967, the 18th episode of the new TV series, The Green Hornet, aired.

Posted this episode to mirror the airdate from 48 years ago. I wonder what was going through Bruce's mind as Brandon's 2nd birthday is upcoming?


Green Hornet E18
Corpse of the Year (Part 1) (13 Jan 1967) 
While making its nighttime rounds, a Daily Sentinel delivery truck is fired on by an imposter Green Hornet, driving an exact duplicate of the Black Beauty. Attacks on the paper's employees continue throughout the night; it appears someone has declared war on the Sentinel. Britt Reid is soon contacted by Dan Scully, a reporter for the rival Daily Express paper, claiming that his boss Sabrina is out to destroy the Sentinel using any means necessary. That goal seems close to fulfillment when Reid attends a party of Daily Express publisher Simon Neal's. As he and Neal ...

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