Thursday, December 28, 2017

Paladin Press - Shoestring Survivalism

Shoestring Survivalism

How to Prepare for Bad Times on a Budget

by Andy James

198 pages, 5.5" x 8.5"


Shoestring Survival is a complete budget-minded blueprint for preparing for tough times. Self-reliance veteran Andy James shows you dozens of shoestring survival methods that cost little or nothing yet will tremendously advance your preparedness for any sort of large-scale emergency, from natural disasters (hurricanes, floods, epidemics) to societal eruptions (acts of terrorism, economic depression, widespread crime).

With Andy James' handy tips and tricks for low-key, low-budget survival, Shoestring Survival will show you how to:

  • Take 21 simple, low-cost steps right now that will drastically improve your chances of surviving any disaster
  • Acquire free stuff that lots of survivalists never think of
  • Locate the best sources for inexpensive, essential supplies – extra clothing, necessary tools, reliable guns and more
  • Stock cheap, filling foods to feed you and your family for 30 days or longer
  • Find hidden values at familiar stores and in surprising corners of the Internet
  • Determine whether to stay at your home or bug out during an emergency, including how to maintain comfort and safety in a government shelter

You do not need a fully stocked cabin in the mountains or an arsenal of expensive firearms to make it through hard times. You just need the will to begin preparing today, a surprisingly small amount of money to get started and the handy information in Shoestring Survival.


Andy James is the pseudonym for a U.S. Army veteran, current law-enforcement officer and lifelong survivalist. He lives in the Pacific Northwest.


1) Why Prepare? 
2) What Are We Preparing For? 
3) Site Threat Awareness Response 
4) Low-Cost Steps to Take Right Now 
5) Staying or Bugging Out 
6) Government Shelter Survival 
7) Site Security 
8) Guns on a Budget 
9) Shoestring Sustenance 
10) Shoestring Supplies 
11) Shoestring Sanitation 
12) Currency and Barter 
13) Low-Key Survivalism 
14) Personal Tests and Activities 
15) What if Nothing Happens? 
16) Bags and Kits

Index of Paladin Press site archived pages:

Stickgrappler's Note: I am guessing the Paladin site will be shut down at the end of the year and I'm archiving select Paladin Press pages to my blog to preserve an essential part of martial arts from 1970-2017. Archiving some of my favorite Paladin titles.


Anonymous said...

This book is definitely a good idea and a must have for learning. Glad I stumbled across it. I would say that sites like also help with providing advice on survival stuff.
I've only really gotten into all this recently; exciting stuff! It feels good to feel prepared though :)

Stickgrappler said...

Thank you for your comment Anonymous.

Sadly, I ordered this during Paladin's closeout sale and it sold out.

Thank you again Anonymous, as the New Year approaches, may you and your loved ones find health, happiness and wealth!

Very truly yours in the MA and SD,



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