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Paladin Press - Michael Janich's Mastering Fighting Folders

Mastering Fighting Folders

Secrets of Reverse-Grip Knife Fighting and Advanced Folding Knife Tactics

with Michael D. Janich

805966 032139
150 minutes


Drawing on the lessons of the first Fighting Folders volumes, Michael D. Janich integrates never-never-before-seen instruction in pentjak silat footwork and throwing technique with all the skills of the other Fighting Folders videos to create an unstoppable edged-weapon fighting system. In this video, Michael Janich shows you how to adapt standard-grip knife skills to the body dynamics of reverse grip, presents step-by-step instructions in his combat-oriented variations of the classic Filipino reverse-grip training drills and teaches you how to extract the appropriate skills from each of these drills so you can reflexively respond with the most effective technique in a defensive situation and more. For information purposes only.


Michael D. Janich is one of the foremost modern authorities on handgun point shooting and one of the few contemporary instructors to have personally trained with the late close-combat legend Col. Rex Applegate. In addition to making his own martial arts equipment, noted martial arts author and instructor Michael Janich has designed and engineered everything from blowguns to knives, including the highly acclaimed Masters of Defense Tempest folding knife.


1) Reverse-Grip Basics 
2) Flow Drills 
3) Combining Reverse-Grip Drills 
4) Speed Stops 
5) Integrating Empty-Hand Tactics into Reverse-Grip Techniques 
6) Counterdefenses 
7) Grip Changes and Applying Reverse-Grip Skills to Standard Grip 
8) Using Reverse-Grip Skills with Improvised Weapons and Flashlights 
9) Putting It All Together

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