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Paladin Press - James Keating's Legacy of Steel

Legacy of Steel

An Exclusive Look at James Keating's Riddle of Steel Training Camp

with James A. Keating

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150 minutes


Every year a diverse group of doctors, lawyers, soldiers, cops and government spooks gathers in a remote canyon in Idaho with one purpose in mind: to master the art of fighting with knives. Their destination is James A. Keating's Riddle of Steel, a four-day camp featuring the highest-speed tactical knife training available on the planet. Now you can share their experience at this legendary event. In this dynamic two-disc DVD set, Paladin gives you an exclusive look at the 10th anniversary Riddle of Steel. Keating and his COMTECH staff present detailed instruction in every aspect of fighting with and against edged weapons, including standard and reverse-grip Filipino knife fighting, Bowie-style knife dueling tactics, advanced reflex training drills and combat-proven empty-hand defenses against edged-weapon attacks. These videos also reveal the secrets of little-known techniques like non-telegraphic striking, "invisible" strikes and knife disarms with improvised weapons.


James A. Keating has been in the field of personal defense for more than 30 years. Best known for his groundbreaking work with edged weapons, Keating is considered a primary resource for state-of-the-art knife and counterknife skills. His videos on the defensive use of edged weapons are the best-selling videos of their kind.


1) Knife Manipulation 
2) Left-Hand Path: Self-Defense with Knives 
3) Empty Hand Against Knife 
4) Cutting Techniques 
5) Improvised Weapons Against Knives: The Bandana 
6) The Right-Hand Path: Bowie-Knife Tactics

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