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Paladin Press - Dwight C. McLemore's The Fighting Sword

The Fighting Sword

Illustrated Techniques And Concepts

by Dwight C. McLemore

266 pages, 8.5" x 11"


The second in Dwight McLemore's Fighting Weapons series, The Fighting Swordbegan as a way for the author to chronicle his experience of commissioning a custom-made sword and then designing a training program to use with it. As he developed the sword-fighting concepts, techniques and combat scenarios for use with his sword, however, he realized that they could be adapted and used by anyone with a sword.

McLemore brings the fighting sword to life with his unique style of dynamic drawing, seen also in his books on the Bowie knife and in The Fighting Tomahawk. First he gives a crash course in how to balance form and function in a sword and then focuses on tactical techniques and concepts. He teaches you how to train for a confrontation by using visualization and training partners, as well as how to instantly and accurately evaluate an opponent, his weapon, the terrain and environment, and your advantages or disadvantages in various combat scenarios. Following his precise instructions and skillfully rendered illustrations, you will learn how to master cuts, thrusts, blocks and parries, which you can then use for the more advanced techniques of disruption, working the inner circle and single-hand use.

When it comes to fighting weapons, there is no better instructor than Dwight McLemore.


Dwight C. McLemore is a retired combat arms officer with the U.S. Army and is an accomplished bladesman and instructor. He is renowned for his vast knowledge of Bowie and big-knife fighting and has more than 18 years of experience in self-defense and martial arts. The owner of the School of Two Swords, McLemore is rated expert level with the American Knife Congress, is certified in kung fu and holds 1st dan in kendo.


1) The Birth of A Weapon 
- Deciding on a Sword Maker 
- Choosing a Design 
- Selecting a Name 
2) In Search of Form and Function 
- Handle 
- Pommel 
- Guard 
- Blade 
3) Techniques and Concepts 
- The Influence of Kumdo 
- Guards, Footwork, and Movement 
- Ground Considerations 
- Visualization 
- Cuts 
- Thrusts 
- Blocks 
- Parries 
- Summary of Book three 
4) Nonstandard and Advanced Techniques 
- Disruption Techniques 
- "Spanish Circle" 
- Single-Hand Techniques 
- Working the Inner Circle 
5) Combat Scenarios 
- Tactical Theory 
- Combat Scenarios

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