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Paladin Press - Bob Kasper's Tactical Knives

Bob Kasper's Tactical Knives

by Bob Kasper

252 pages, 5.5" x 8.5"


Bob Kasper had that rarest of qualities among self-defense instructors: real-world "street smarts," as opposed to the much more common "dojo smarts." A former Marine and student of personal-defense pioneer Charles Nelson, Kasper had picked up his experience in close-quarter self-defense the hard way: on the street, where it really counted. As a Marine Corps–designated close-combat subject matter expert, he helped create the Corps' close-combat knife curriculum. For a period, he also worked for Kelly McCann's highly regarded training company teaching military and government students how to survive while deployed to high-risk areas of operation. 

While equally adept at close combat, firearms, and knife fighting techniques, Kasper had a special interest in knives. That lifelong passion, combined with his hands-on experience, made him the perfect candidate to write the "Street Smarts" column for Tactical Knives magazine. For five years (from January 1997 until January 2002), Kasper filled "Street Smarts" with his own unique perspective on staying alive in the world's most dangerous environments. He also penned several features on fighting knives for the magazine. Now, for the first time, all his Tactical Knives writings have been compiled under one cover so that a new generation of knife enthusiasts and self-defense students can benefit from his practical, real-world advice on selecting, training with, using, and defending against any type of edged weapon.


Bob Kasper was an avid practitioner of the martial arts for more than 30 years. A former U.S. Marine Corps military policeman and U.S. Army Reserve cavalry scout, Kasper was a founder and director of the Gung-Ho Chuan Association, a brotherhood of Marine Corps veteran close-combat instructors; and founder of the American Karate Jutsu Association. He held black belts and instructor ranks in several martial art disciplines. He died in 2006.


1) Fighting Back with Kasper and Kni-Com 
2) Your Knife is Out-Now What? 
3) Playing the "Knifer's Game" 
4) The Vaquero Grande 
5) On Guard! 
6) The Dreaded Box-Cutter Attack 
7) In Search of Training 
8) The Safe Keepers 
9) Training Your Weak Hand 
10) A Double Dose of Muscle 
11) Passata Sotto Training 
12) One Tough Lightweight 
13) Self-Defense Knives for Women 
14) Winners by a Neck 
15) Quick to the Draw 
16) The Crawford Shark 
17) Those First Deadly Seconds 
18) The Stryker 
19) Fighting Folders 
20) Shop for Survival 
21) Three Best Fighting Grips 
22) Classic Cutlery's Cold Fire 
23) Survival on the Road: Part 1 
24) Survival on the Road: Part 2 
25) The Knife for Home Defense: Part 1 
26) The Knife for Home Defense: Part 2 
27) Fighting for Your Life-From the Ground Up: Part 1 
28) Fighting for Your Life-From the Ground Up: Part 2 
29) An Attacker's Deadly Grip 
30) Gung-Ho Knife Combat 
31) Strangles and Choke Holds: It's Time for Lethal Force 
32) Finding the Right Instructor for Defensive Knife Training 
33) Multiple-Carry Knives: Is This Really Necessary? 
34) Training with the Right Stuff 
35) Close Quarter Battle 
36) Snap Cuts and the Saber Grip: Part 1 
37) Best Defensive Grip Part 2 
38) MLR-TAC Series 
39) Checklist for Knife Carry: Part 1 
40) Checklist for Survival: Part 2 
41) "Real-World" Attacks Can Only Be Met by "Real-World" Training 
42) Survival Tactics for Left-Handers

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