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Paladin Press - Bob Kasper's Individual Close Combat

Bob Kasper's Individual Close Combat

Volume 1: Principles and Tactics
Volume 2: Stance and Movement

by Bob Kasper; foreword by Kelly McCann

78 pages, 5.5" x 8.5"


After World War II, training in hand-to-hand combat stopped abruptly, as interest in the Eastern martial arts blossomed. Convinced that these close-quarter techniques, which had been forged in the streets of Shanghai, China, and tempered in the Pacific and European theaters of war, represented the true essence of individual close combat, and concerned that these skills would be lost forever, a handful of men decided to preserve this knowledge. One of these men was Bob Kasper.

A student of the late Charles Nelson, Bob Kasper wrote these two volumes of individual close-combat techniques for his students but never published them. The first volume is on principles and tactics while the second volume concentrates on stance and movement. By offering these two volumes to the public for the very first time, Paladin is not only helping to preserve the techniques designed and battle-field tested by World War II combatives pioneers – a task that Kasper dedicated much of his life to – it is also preserving the work of another close-combat legend, Bob Kasper. Individual Close Combat contains an exclusive new foreword by Kelly McCann, who trained in combatives and knife fighting with Kasper.


Bob Kasper was an avid practitioner of the martial arts for more than 30 years. A former U.S. Marine Corps military policeman and U.S. Army Reserve cavalry scout, Kasper was a founder and director of the Gung-Ho Chuan Association, a brotherhood of Marine Corps veteran close-combat instructors; and founder of the American Karate Jutsu Association. He held black belts and instructor ranks in several martial art disciplines. He died in 2006.


1) Basic Principles of Close Combat 
- Simplicity 
- Control 
- Offense 
- Power 
- Effectiveness 
2) Aggressive Attitude 
3) Modes of Attack 
- Stop-Hit 
4) Principles of Power 
- Stay Relaxed 
- Weapon First 
- Acceleration 
- Move 
- Plunge 
5) Circle of Defense 
6) Primary Targets 
7) The Guard 
8) Passive Stances 
- Bodyguard 
- Jack Benny 
- Ed Sullivan 
- The Fence 
9) Movement 
- Advance and retreat 
- Pivot 
- Shuffle 
- Lunge 
- Vault 
- Whirling

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