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Joe Silvia - Improv or ad libbing combos...

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Joe Silvia aka "Ausgepicht" on Improv/ad libbing combos ... Basically, don't be robotic and throw your combinations blindly. Learn to "read"/observe your opponent - take what's given to you in terms of openings instead of launching into your pre-set combo and the opponent has no openings where your pre-set combo is targeting.

Usually the party line is learn strict orderly combos, and then learn to free them up. "Learn the fundamentals, before violating them." I feel that the fundamentals come before technique....posture, breathing, alignment, stepping, etc. the principles that the technique come from. If there is something BEFORE a jab, it has to be more fundamental, no?

In other words, if I am bent over at the waist and throw a jab, there is something that needs to be fixed/done properly BEFORE the jab. There is also a certain way to stand, extend the arm, place the deltoid and chin, etc. THOSE are fundamentals.

So what am I getting at? I feel the fundamentals are FIRST to be learned, but learning strict combos is not the way to go because it completely ignores the sports principle of reading and adjustment through other words, what is the difference between a karate kata and a 4-5 punch combo that you repeat over and over?

How well would a football team do if in the huddle they decided on a play, then got to the line, the QB refused to call out anything after he saw the opposing team's line, and then closed his eyes threw the ball under the assumption that the receivers were going to run the afore planned pattern no matter what the defenders did?

Adjust, adjust, adjust! Get feedback, make a call. Specifically speaking if you throw your treasured 5 piece, and your partner/opponent slips his head in the "wrong" direction and you have to abandon your 5 piece, do you access your memory to find another 5 piece or do you PAY ATTENTION TO THE MOMENT and unleash a 5 piece that is ALIVE? Living, breathing, humbling acknowledgment that the reality unfolding is more pertinent than your attempt to force your will upon it. Paying attention and learning to read allows you to adjust by the necessary inches to trace a moving target.

Anyone who saw RJJ's finishing combo on Vinny Paz will recall what I am getting at. Anyhow I was inspired to rant after I saw these Ali GIFs. Whether you agree or disagree, enjoy these GIFs of Ali improving, breaking rhythm, and displaying mastery of cadence, but more importantly egoless and one with the moment.

Much gratitude to Cleveland Williams for taking a beating for the cause.

Here's a display of reading. Sweet.

NOTE: My thanks to the original GIF maker(s). These are not my GIFs. Also, deepest gratitude to my friend Joe Silvia for his kind permission in archiving to my site his postings.

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