Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Jon "Bones" Jones and Coach Mike Winkeljohn teaching the "Oblique Kick"

Jon "Bones" Jones and Coach Mike Winkeljohn teaching the "Oblique Kick". In this video, Jones said, "The Oblique Kick ... as Joe Rogan so famously named it." To be fair, this kick has been around forever. I first learned it from Jeet Kune Do. You can see Bruce Lee use the oblique kick vs Chuck Norris as well as Bob Wall in The Way of the Dragon (aka The Return of the Dragon).

Are you ready to get your Learn on?

Coach Mike Winkeljohn's 5 Points on the Oblique Kick

  1. Deceptive kick
  2. Opponent fearful of kick to their knee
  3. Keep the Body back as you kick - protects vs counterpunch
  4. Target the Thigh and not the Knee
  5. If opponent is angled to you, target the side of the knee then

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