Saturday, July 26, 2014

Yuen Biao in Knockabout (雜家小子) (1979) (Full movie)

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Posting this oldschool classic in recognition of Yuen Biao's 57th Birthday. Enjoy!

Knockabout (1979)
(Za jia xiao zi)
(English dubbed)

Knockabout is Sammo Hung's brilliant cinematic achievement at merging comedy with kung fu. His meticulous blending of the two ingredients is vividly demonstrated in this film.

The film follows two con artist brothers, Yipao (Yuen Biao) and Taipao (Bryan Leung). One day they are cheated out of their ill-gotten gains in an encounter with Jia Wu Dao (Lau Kar Wing). They try to fight him, to retrieve their money, but are defeated, so they ask him to train them, hoping to become the best fighters in the city. After surpassing the fighting skills of "ordinary people", Yipao soon discovers that Jia Wu Dao is a murderer. When he realises his secret has been revealed, Jia Wu Dao attempts to kill Yipao, but Taipao blocks the fatal blow and is killed in his place. Yipao escapes and plots how he will avenge his brother's death.

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