Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lameco Eskrima - Some Blade training concepts

Here are some Blade training concepts from the Lameco Eskrima System. With a partner use only eye protection and rounded tipped metal blades. This is extreme contact training only for advanced practitioners. You will use medium/hard contact to the body! This type of reality training develops the attitude that you can't get use to being slashed or stabbed at all! Your partner is slashing and you are counter thrusting and digging it in. There is no real injury but alot of bruises...you will see alot of natural movement to get out of the way and not get hit..cause it hurts.


  1. Slash/slash/slash
  2. Slash/slash/thrust
  3. Slash/thrust/thrust
  4. Slash/thrust/slash
  5. Thrust/thrust/thrust
  6. Thrust/thrust/slash
  7. Thrust/slash/thrust
  8. Thrust/slash/thrust

Five ways of the blade

  1. Disarm
  2. Keep
  3. Return to sender
  4. Throw

SG's NOTE: This section was titled Five ways of the blade, but only four were listed.

Blade training
  1. Slash
  2. Thrust
  3. Butt
  4. Tear (rip)

Escala exercises

  1. Slash/thrust 
  2. Thrust/slash 
  3. Slash/ slash 
  4. Thrust/thrust 
  5. Slash/butt 
  6. Butt/slash 
  7. Butt/butt 
  8. Thrust/butt 
  9. Butt/thrust 
  10. Slash/tear 
  11. Tear/slash 
  12. Tear/tear 
  13. Tear/butt 
  14. Butt/tear 
  15. Tear/thrust 
  16. Thrust/tear

Daga basics

  1. Rt vs Rt.
  2. Rt vs Lt.
  3. Lt. vs Rt.
  4. Lt vs Lt 
  5. S vs Rt. 
  6. S vs Lt 
  7. Rt. vs S 
  8. Lt. vs S 
  9. H vs H 
  10. H vs E 
  11. E vs H 
  12. E vs E 
  13. DE vs H 
  14. DE vs E 
  15. E vs DE 

H= Heaven E= Earth DE=Double end S=single end

Deepest gratitude to Guro Ben Fajardo for the share.

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