Friday, May 10, 2013

Ron Saturno - "You have to teach everything you know, because this forces you to learn more."

People may wonder why I have taken the time to put down so much information on Facebook lately, which some people may feel is so much different than the normally accepted teachings of FMA. I have even been told that some feel that I shouldn't even call what I do Serrada Escrima anymore. As one of the earliest of the Master graduates of Angel Cabales, I ask: Who the f*ck are you to question me? I don't question you and so I'd severely appreciate the same consideration.The "only" man who really knew Serrada best was Angel Cabales. What audacity on some peoples part, that they assume the mantle of the "all knowing". What egos my friends.

I freely admit knowing just a little, because perfect Serrada infers knowing "all' of the known knowledge of this world. Serrada will die, if there are not enough people willing to push the envelope of knowledge. Hanshi Bruce Juchnik took me aside one day and said,"Ron, you have to teach everything you know, because this forces you to learn more." OMG! I was stunned! What a concept! Rather than hide knowledge, give it away, so you are forced to always be in the search mode. Searching for new and better ways to do things.

This humbles me, because I've struggled so hard just to get to where I am and it Isn't very far at that. The thought of kicking my game up even more, sometimes seems an overwhelming task! The funny thing is that I have never ventured far from my beloved art. I do the same things that all of my other Serrada brothers do. Same basics, same lock and block, same sparring, etc. I have just added my own personal flavor and flair: This is the art part! I still hit the same blows, block and check the same way, but I target specific points which I consider "high value" strike points. This is the science part.

I think my writing on Facebook has about come to an end. There are areas of my research which quite frankly is of a gruesome nature. Lethal chokes, garroting, blade insertions, etc., which can only be considered methods of assassination. I won't teach this on Facebook, or any other public forum and will keep a little for myself and a few of my students. I wish to thank the many who followed my postings. Since I don't have, but a few students: It was nice sharing and opening up to people I don't know, may never know, but hope to know. If you see me on the seminar trail, please pull me aside and say hello: I'd love to meet some new people, every chance that I get. Thanx for following along. God Bless.

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