Thursday, May 09, 2013

Ron Saturno - "A reason to live is the greatest gift that a teacher of FMA can ever give."

So the student asks, "Why are you so intense when you teach?".

Actually I answer, "I am very relaxed".

I am intense when I need to be and relaxed when I'm not. FMA requires intensity, but it also requires absolute focus with relaxation as well.

Fear has a really good ability to cause a man to tense up. When a man tenses, he many times loses his ability to think and move quickly, and to be able to capably respond to immediate threats.

Since FMA is blade based: We can easily be put into this situation, which is not good for our survival. There is nothing wrong with fearing a blade. This is natural.

Teaching a student to love life is a greater gift. Yes, love. A reason to live is the greatest gift that a teacher of FMA can ever give. A reason to live will do more to insure the survival of a student than "any" other one thing.

Threaten what a man loves and you can truly touch his very soul. I do not teach anger or hatred. A teacher must quietly and slowly inculcate love into his teachings. He must quietly assert the benefits of love.

Fear of losing the arms of a lover. Fear of losing the ability to give a beloved child their good night kiss. Fear of not telling a loved one that they were sorry for something they may have done. These are the true fears in a humans life. When we teach these types of fears, we as teachers can then reach deeply into the hearts of our students and begin teaching them what martial arts is truly all about. It is about love and fear of the loss of love.

When we can teach them that who comes against us are also friends, brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers of others: We teach humanity. We do not harm when we can walk away. We do not maim when we can harm. We do not kill when we can maim. We should practise love in all things! When we can practise to become so good that we can defeat an opponent without injury: Then we will have become great martial artists.

Many times we teach fear of the unknown opponent. The someone who wishes to harm us, rob us. As an unknown human: It is allowable to do whatever needs to be done to insure our survival. But love "is" truly greater than fear.

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