Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ron Saturno - Comparison of Short stick vs Long stick

If we were to look into the mechanics of boxing we will see a direct connection between mens arm reach and who wins bouts. More men with longer reach will win more fights than men with lesser reach against these men. I have compared the reaches of championship fighters and the comparison holds true. Some might say that there may be other factors than just reach and while this may be true: The fact still remains that a boxer with a longer reach can still fight up close, but a shorter reach boxer can't grow arm length.

Let me grab a favored Champion fighter. He has a face tattoo, He used to have constant problems. He hit unbelievably hard. He has relatively short reach. But, he could weave into an opponent with beautiful alacrity. He needed weaving to close the distance against longer reach opponents. Once in, he delivered devastating short body hooks and upper cuts. Poetry I tell 'ya. The only thing that could drop this man in his prime was a great ass in a tight dress, drugs and cops with warrants. I loved the boxing style of Mike Tyson. The man without his gloves on did have issues, but who am I to judge. I've fallen prey to a pretty face and a fat joint myself. We live and we learn.

I write this today to make a comparison between short stick v.s. long. In my system, it is said that we prefer the short weapon. "We" ain't one of these. I love a longer weapon, well beyond 24 inches. If we prefer a short weapon than we also prefer its weaknesses. Many of my brethren simply accept the superiority of a short weapon, but cannot succinctly elaborate the short weapon advantages over longer weapons or short weapon weaknesses. If they can, than so much the better for them! At least they are making an informed decision. Many others can't say the same. Short sticks are great and longer sticks are great. I like a longer stick, but can use a shorter weapon just as well. I like to be prepared for most bad time situations. So to me, clearly understanding your chosen weapons ideal usage simply should be a given. If you do match up against an opponent with any weapon: Quick determination of available fighting tactics could be life saving and knowing your weapon is a big part of this. I am going to go a little further regarding weapon lengths, over the next few days. Hope you'll enjoy the ride.

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