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IN MEMORY OF: Aaron Banks (August 28, 1930 - May 9, 2013)

Picture copied from Blackbelt Magazine's Facebook page.

On May 9, 2013 (this past Friday), the Martial Arts world has lost a luminary. He was a prolific promoter of the Martial Arts.

Copied from Blackbelt Magazine's Facebook page 2 statuses:

RIP Aaron Banks

In an e-mail, New York City-based karate instructor Paul Mormando, a longtime associate of Aaron Banks, said this about his good friend:

"He was my one and only mentor and the greatest martial arts promoter of his era. I participated in well over 25 Oriental World of Self-Defense shows ... martial arts were his life."


Aaron Banks (1928-2013)

Black Belt just received word that Aaron Banks, a goju-ryu stylist under Peter Urban and a successful East Coast tournament promoter, has passed away. 

Banks, who earned his first black belt in 1962, was perhaps best-known as the creator of the Oriental World of Self-Defense, which he launched in 1966. Subsequent shows took place at Madison Square Garden and other prominent venues, as well as on television.

A tribute to Banks will be published on our website ( next week.

My sincerest condolences to the loved ones, students and associates of Great Grandmaster Aaron Banks.


As of this posting, Wiki has not updated their entry on Aaron Banks. Also, Great GM Banks Facebook page lists his birth year as 1930, whereas the Wiki entry has 1928.



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