Thursday, May 30, 2013

UFC 160 - Junior Dos Santos X Mark Hunt - Rounds 1-2 animated GIF's

This past Saturday, May 25, 2013, UFC 160 saw Junior Dos Santos facing Mark Hunt. Here are some animated GIF's I made of selected highlights.

Round 1 - Slowmo of Mark Hunt's Left Hook

Round 1 - Slowmo of Junior Dos Santos' Overhand Right

Round 1 - Another angle of the slowmo of Junior Dos Santos' Overhand Right 

Round 1 probably went to JDS.

Round 2 - Slowmo of Junior Dos Santos' Overhand Right followed up with Quick Stiff Jab

I applaud JDS's quick jab! Too many UFC fighters seem to throw a strike and then immediatedly go to Reset. I first noticed this regularly when I watched Matt Hughes fight. It annoyed me since then as I couldn't 'unsee' it.

As Mark Hunt was about to Reset, JDS shows his speed and sticks a "1". It's a fight, never give your opponent time. I believe the great Joe Lewis called this something to the effect of attacking your opponent's Set Point. As your opponent is about to get set, attack!

Round 2 - Mark Hunt's offensive

Round 2 - Junior Dos Santos' Single Leg Takedown which probably sealed this round for him

Selected highlights from Round 3 in my next post.



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