Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Krabi Krabong's Mae Sawks

Yesterday, I got a pair of Thai Mae Sawks from Overpressure Combat Stick Fighting

I bought a pair of Mae Sawks and received them in the mail yesterday. They are used in the Thai weapons style Krabi Krabong. It was handcrafted by a master craftsman, Arlan Sanford. In the martial arts circles, he is better known as "Salty Dog", one of the founding members of the Dog Brothers.

The story goes that during the early days of the Dog Brothers and their Real Contact Stick Fighting (minimal armor/protection) bouts, some of the fighters resorted to Brazilian Jiujitsu. Having no BJJ instruction at the time of where Arjarn Sanford lived (New Mexico), he explored Krabi Krabong, the Thai weapons art, looking to counter the BJJ that his opponents were using against him. Over the years of traveling to Thailand to the Buddhai Sawan school, he received instruction in KK and was certified to teach it.

I have no real knowledge/experience in Krabi Krabong, let alone Muay Thai, but after receiving my Mae Sawks, I will be training the basics. Here are 2 video clips with Arjarn Sanford learning/teaching the Mae Sawks:

Buddhaisawan Mae Sawks Instruction

Arlan Sanford at the Buddhai Sawan in Thailand learning the usage of Mae Sawks.

Mae Sawks Overview and Combat

After a brief overview by Arjarn Sanford, a fight between Michael Johnson with a pair of Mae Sawks going up against Eric "Top Dog" Knaus using a single knife.

You can contact Arjan Arlan Sanford via To order a pair of Mae Sawks for yourself, check out, specifically here for the Mae Sawks. Also on that page is a DVD with Arjarn Jason Webster teaching Krabi Krabong. I also bought the DVD and my review is forthcoming.

If you are interested in Krabi Krabong or the Buddhai Sawan, please check out my friend's, Hugo, review of Krabi Krabong: The Buddhai Sawan Path Deluxe 2 DVD set.



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