Friday, May 31, 2013

UFC 160 - Cain Velasquez vs Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva

This past Saturday, May 25, 2013, UFC 160 was in Las Vegas, Nevada. MMA/UFC fans got to watch Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez defend his title against challenger Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva.

Here are 4 animated GIF's I made from that fight:

TKO in Realtime

3 different angles in Slowmo

Champion Cain Velasquez with pinpoint accuracy on his punches executing the old 1-2-3 with the "2"/Right Cross dropping Bigfoot. Cain pounced on the downed Bigfoot and in the span of 4 seconds, by my count, he threw 11 punches before referee Mario Yamazaki stopped the fight.

Note 2 points on the "3"/Left Hook:

  • Cain was on autopilot which is good and bad. He was committed to throwing the 1-2-3, the 2 floored Bigfoot and the 3 on autopilot came in missing. He didn't "read" the situation. However, I've seen quite a few one or 2 punches thrown and the fighter standing there either admiring his handiwork or waiting for the results of the strikes thrown which gives time for the opponent to react.
  • When it comes to the Left Hook, there is the eternal question of a proper form/technique. Should the fist be horizontal or vertical? Note Cain's vertical fist position on his hook.

Looking forward to the rematch of Junior Dos Santos and Velasquez!

In case you missed the JDS fight from UFC 160, here are animated GIF's I made:

Congratulations to Cain Velasquez!



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