Friday, July 05, 2013

VIDCLIP: "I'm through talking" - mashup of fight scenes

A well-done mash-up of 98 movies fight scenes in less than 5 minutes.

My friend "Youngblood" commented on this vid:

it touches on things we already know and can relate to. triggers past memories ie watching these past movies; elicits our emotional response to them. it incorporates music in that theme which also takes us some place we've been. sensory stimulation is married by these. there is some kind of a primal thing going on also, taking us other places internally imo. it also asks something from the viewer, to interact with it. to guess which movies. so the viewer feels a part of it, not just being force fed. plus it is just well made.

I'm not afraid to admit to you all that I'm geeky enough to try to ID all the movies used. As a matter of fact, here's the first 31 seconds:

TIME          MOVIE
0:00-0:12   Over the Top ?

0:13-0:14   Gladiator ?
0:15-0:15   300 

0:15-0:16   Indiana Jones - Which movie ?
0:17-0:17   Ong Bak 2
0:18-0:19   Ip Man 1
0:19-0:20   Kill Bill 1
0:21-0:22   Fist of Legend
0:22-0:23   V for Vendetta
0:24-0:25   Karate Kid 1
0:25-0:26   Game of Death 1
0:26-0:27   Chinese Connection
0:27-0:28   Fist of Legend
0:28-0:29   Bloodsport
0:29-0:30   Matrix
0:30-0:31   Ip Man 1

Want to add to the list? Come on, you know you want to :)




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