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IN THE NEWS: Task Fixation and Environmental Awareness (Nanny sexually assaulted)

From a recent news article, I highlighted two quotes by formatting them in Bold concerning Task Fixation and Environmental Awareness. Craig Douglas aka "Southnarc" coined the term "Task Fixation" to indicate the condition where you are oblivious to your environment and your focus is narrowed on one thing, e.g. texting on your cellphone or playing a game on your cellphone. Check out some tips from Craig Douglas here:

Without further ado, please check out this article and see how changing your awareness/focus may be the difference between safety and danger.

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Nanny Sexually Assaulted While Walking With 2 Children In Central Park

Parkgoers Shocked By Broad Daylight Assault Near Tavern On The Green
June 18, 2013 7:07 PM

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A nanny was sexually assaulted in Central Park in broad daylight Tuesday, and police immediately launched a hunt for her attacker.

As CBS 2’s Dick Brennan reported, Central Park near Tavern on the Green is one of the most popular places to go for an afternoon run, or walk, or take the baby out for a stroll.

But on Tuesday afternoon at 12:30 p.m. that area of Central Park was a scene of horror and danger.
The nanny was walking with two children, when a man raced up to her, smacked her backside, and then grabbed it.

Another woman who saw what was happening intervened. The suspect pushed her away and then took off.
“It’s very scary,” said Simona Ginov.

Ginov comes to the park every day to walk her 9-month-old baby, Mia, and said she can’t believe someone would come after a woman with children.

“I’m actually getting concerned now, because I’m on my iPhone all the time when she sleeps, and I don’t know what is going on around me,” she said.

Beth DiLorenza said she takes her four grandchildren to the park all the time.

“It’s no joke when you have to worry about the children, and now about yourself, too,” she said.

NYPD cameras can be seen all over Central Park West near 67th Street, in the area where the attacker may have made his getaway.

Police on Tuesday afternoon were no doubt checking to see if the victim could identify anyone.
Some in the park were hoping for a wider police presence
“I would encourage more security so women can feel safer,” said Meredith McGregor of the Upper East Side.
And many people in the park said they will have to be more careful, whether walking or jogging.

“I think you should tone your music around a little bit and be aware of your surroundings,” said Angie Walker of the Upper West Side.

Be safe everyone and be aware!



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