Saturday, July 13, 2013

Rickson Gracie anecdote by Demi Barbito

Here is another story about the great Rickson Gracie:

"""Not for the $$$, notoriety, and fame."""

This is the evil that has befallen MMA. It's become a vehicle for self glorification. The spirit and honor have been surgically removed.

"""Seems more trustworthy/integral than one of his older bros."""

He is. I met him "once" then saw him at a tournament a few months later and he remembered my name. Ended up training with HIM and one of his BROWN BELTS (who started training with him in his garage, Mark Eccard). I worked with them both for over two years before getting my blue belt from Rickson (after a 4 hour blue belt test). I then moved to central Ca in 1998 and began almost exclusive no gi grappling.

I had only positive, non-cultish experiences with him.


One night we were training with Mark at the Laguna Niguel Racquet Club. Rickson showed every now and then to supervise Mark and US as a group (looking for tournament candidates. We were all white belts. There was one guy who was COOL but he was like 6' 5" and very muscular. He would dominate us with power and weight (not technique). He really was trying work it all out but when he wasn't getting his way he resorted to strength only. Rickson observes for about a half hour. Then he rolls with every single one of us. He gets to this guy last. This guy was a GOLIATH next Rickson. Rickson chokes his f#cking a$$ left and right, arm bars him all day long, leg locks and near the end didn't even finish him. He just smothered and frustrated him until this guy was gassed and struggling for breath. Yet, Rickson treated him with TOTAL RESPECT and said in front of everyone "You are a big, strong guy. Even stronger than me. BUT, I could choke you, lock you and frustrate you all I wanted. "STOP USING YOUR STRENGTH AND COMMIT TO MAKING YOUR TECHNIQUE WORK because if someone bigger than you comes along you're dead". We were all blown away at how charitable he was with his teaching. Never an a$$hole.

NOTES:  Excerpted from My sincerest thanks to Demi Barbito for his kind permission in reposting this awesome Rickson Gracie story to my site.

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Rickson is truly inspiring and great. Enjoy!



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