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UFC veteran Maiquel Falcao Attacked By Group In Massive Street Fight In Brazil

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Maiquel Falcao fought in UFC 123 on Nov 20, 2010 and won via an unamious decision over Gerald Harris. UFC released him though due to trouble with the law back in Brazil. Earlier this year on Feb 7, 2013, Falcao fought in Bellator's Middleweight division and was KO'd by Alexander Schlemenko.

A few days ago, Falcao was attacked by a group at a gas station after he had words with a woman and then throwing his drink at her. Her friends came to stand up for her and the street fight ensued. There was a 2x4 involved as well as soccer kicks on downed man, Kaue Mena, friend and teammate of Falcao. Mena is still in a coma and Falcao escaped the street brawl with minor injuries. Both fighters were released from their team, Portal do Vale Tudo.

Check out the brutal video.

Some of my thoughts on this incident:

The 3 S's Rule 

For those that do not know this 'rule', it states, "Avoid Stupid people at Stupid places doing Stupid things". Sometimes it's called "The 4 S's Rule" where the 4th 'S' is "... at Stupid times" (e.g. past midnight).

It was a gas station, perhaps he drove there needing gas. This is a situation that the 3 S's is not a factor. Although, for anyone going to a gas station, something like this happening is within the realm of possibility so be aware.

Drugs and/or Alcohol

Was drugs and/or alcohol involved? Maybe. Probably. Mind-enhancing substances will handicap your good judgement. Do not drink to excess if you must drink. You lose all self-control and oftentimes, you will not remember the period while you were stupid drunk.

"What you think of me (and/or my mother) is none of my business."

Guro Marc Denny aka "Crafty Dog" of the Dog Brothers teaches this 'rule'. To me it's a variation of the old "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me." Whatever the woman said to provoke Falcao to throw the drink at her should've been flat-out ignored. Throwing a drink at someone is never a solution. IMO, Falcao's ego is a factor in all of this.

Brazilian machisimo and/or Ego

Was throwing the drink at the woman necessary? It could be the Brazilian machisimo culture at work here.It could be Falcao's weak Ego. But IMO, in any culture, throwing a drink (or anything) at anyone after an exchange of words is just asking for trouble.

First, probably his Ego is thinking, "I'm studly. This woman wants me." He has a few words with her, doesn't like her reply.

Second, in all probability, somewhere in his Ego/mind is "I'm a MMA fighter. I'm da baddest dude around." So he did what he felt like to soothe his Ego and no fear of repercussions as at that moment he was thinking it was just a woman... what can she do to me? Well as the situation played out, she had a group of male friends with her and well, you saw what happened after that.

Verbal De-Escalation

Would Verbal De-Escalation skills be helpful? Maybe. But throwing a drink at someone, especially in a machisimo culture such as Brazil's, may be very hard to verbally de-escalate, especially after you threw the drink. Falcao is definitely at fault here. He instigated everything.

Escape and Evasion

Why stay at the gas station when you are clearly outnumbered? To the odds-on favorite reply of "His car would be left behind" I say this, "Life over Property. Always." You can buy a new car - it sucks, but Falcao provoked the whole incident first. You cannot buy a new you. You only get one chance at Life, take care of it. Maybe there are factors involved which we don't have the details to which forced him and Mena to stay there. For now, just remember if you can get out, GET OUT!

There is a lesson (or a few lessons) in that we can take-away from this incident. Thoughts and prayers on Mena coming out of the coma!



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