Friday, July 12, 2013

Rickson Gracie Tidbit by Joe Maffei

Here is a tale about the great Rickson Gracie:

People want to hear about the great Rickson Gracie. But is it Rickson, the great accomplishments, or some hidden secret that they can use to improve their personal agenda? Well here ya go, everything you need from the great one to be great yourself...

When Rickson first broke away from the family business to go on his own, I was his first public seminar. I think we had about 12 people. Back in 1988, people didn't even know who the Gracie brothers were. Black belts and alike would laugh and snicker when I told them what this man could do to them with his hands tied behind his back...Yeah ok? Soon people started to agree and saw for themselves that I speak truth, and the rest is history.

His accomplishments as a practitioner are unparalleled, but pale in comparison to the man and inner person himself.

I remember one time he pulled out his camcorder and wanted me to watch some things. Of course I was excited, maybe I was going to see some cool techniques I could learn and pull on people.. but it was way more important than any technique. It was the inner spirit, the other side of the fighter.

What most don't know is Rickson is an outdoorsman, farmer and so forth. He shared with me his family camp trip. How proud he was telling me all about it as he narrated the story. This was a special moment for me because his son Huckson was maybe 6 or 7 years old. The light that radiated from this man blew away any time he ever talked about fighting or jits. His family, his wife, and his children.

After that I noticed during seminars that he loved working with the kids. He would say to them,
Ok let's go champion!” and coached them with perfection and most important, with love in his heart.

That's what is missing in today's MA industry on all levels.. love in your heart and authentic caring. Not for the $$$, notoriety, and fame.

If you take anything away from this little story, please keep this in mind: thousands of schools fail every year, and champions come and go, but success is not measured by your accomplishments, but by how you help others accomplish.

Do this and you to will achieve greatness.

NOTES:  Excerpted from My deepest gratitude to Joe Maffei for his gracious permission in reposting this great Rickson Gracie story to my site.

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Rickson is truly awesome and inspiring. Enjoy!



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