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Today would've been Joe Frazier's 70th Birthday!!

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Today would've been Smokin' Joe Frazier's 70th Birthday. He passed away 3 years ago. In his honor, I am posting some videos.

Happy Birthday Champ!

Last Interview

"Smoking" JOE FRAZIER- Monumental Left Hook

Joe Frazier vs George Chuvalo  (Jul 19, 1967)

In a brutal display of power, Joe Frazier fractures George Chuvalo's orbit (the bone under George's eye is damaged) so badly that Chuvalo needs reconstructive surgery to correct the injury as his eye partially drops into the fault line fracture. A career ending injury for mere mortals, Chuvalo continues his amazing career post surgery to cement his legend.

Joe Frazier vs Oscar Bonavena (Dec. 10, 1968)
Joe Frazier has his hands full again against the ultra rugged slugger from Argentina.


Joe Frazier vs Jimmy Ellis I - (Feb. 16, 1970)

Joe Frazier vs Bob Foster (Nov 18, 1970)

Joe Frazier vs Ron Stander (May 25, 1972) 

Joe Frazier is at the peak of his powers. Superior power, speed, timing and toughness allow Joe to steamroll Ron Stander. This is Joe at his very best.

Joe Frazier vs Jerry Quarry II (Jun. 17, 1974)

Joe Frazier vs Jimmy Ellis II - (Mar. 2, 1975)

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NOTE:  I hate myself for missing this date in real-time, but I was busy with my family. Posted 1/13/14 as-of 1/12/14.



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