Monday, January 20, 2014

Bryan Leung in The Victim (1980) (Full movie)

This movie features Sammo Hung wielding the three-sectional staff and Bryan Leung with the staff.

Enjoy this classic!

The Victim (orig. 身不由已; Shen bu you ji)

A rich man with a kind heart takes in a suffering homeless orphan named Chun Yau. The man’s spoiled/jealous son does not take well to his new stepbrother. Chun Yau grows into a righteous martial artist played by Bryan Leung. Likewise, the jealous son grows into a bitter gang leader, essayed by Chang Yi. The jealous son holds a grudge against his stepbrother because Chun Yau stole his girlfriend. Now, Chang Yi has made it his goal to hunt down Chun Yau and his bride, Yu Ti prompting the newlyweds to spend their lives together running in fear from the gang leader. But one day Chun Yau runs into a bumbling tough guy named Fatty, who immediately challenges him to fight. Chun Yau quickly dispatches of his aggressor, prompting Fatty to set himself up as Chun Yau’s pupil. Apparently Fatty has promised his ancestors that he shall learn proper Kung Fu by training under the man who beats him (and Chun Yau is the first to do so.). However, Chun Yau and his wife are trying to keep a low profile and they want nothing to do with Fatty, as all he does is attract attention. Fatty, meanwhile, can’t help but wonder why such a great martial artist lives in fear.

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