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IN MEMORY OF: Kyuzo Mifune (April 21, 1883 – January 27, 1965)

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49 years ago today, one of the greatest judokas who ever lived passed away. Kyuzo Mifune was 82 yrs young. So glad that video exists of him in action. As tribute, I'm posting it.


Kyuzo Mifune | 三船 久蔵
The Essence of Judo | Full Movie English subtitles

Filmed in 1948 when Sensei Kyuzo Mifune was 73 years old

Kyuzo Mifune-san was born on April 21, 1883, in Kuji City, Iwate Prefecture, on Honshū Island in Japan, a year after the Kodokan was founded.

On May 25, 1945, he was promoted to judan (10th dan), the fourth of 18 judoka to ever be so honored.

In 1956, he wrote his classic book, The Canon Of Judo, still a remarkable exposition of judo history, philosophy, and technical description.

To E. J. Harrison, he wrote a book foreword that was simple but expressed Mifune's philosophical nature: "Freedom in continuous change!"

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