Friday, January 17, 2014

Cus D'Amato would've been 106 today!

One of the greatest boxing coaches ever IMO. His innate understanding that boxing was more mental than physical was unheard of. His identification of Fear being a major factor in the training of a fighter set him apart from the other coaches. Sadly, he passed away at the age of 77 from pneumonia and never got to see his protege, Mike Tyson, win the Heavyweight Championship.

Happy Birthday Cus!

Mike Tyson Tribute to Cus D'amato -- This One's for Cus

Cus D'amato - Discover and Uncover Tribute 2013

A tribute to one of the most Legendary Boxing Trainer/Manager Cus D'Amato.. He was a great trainer, a great manager but above all he was a far greater person. His connection with his fighters were much more personal than professional. He was a schoolar of Boxing, obsessed with the psychology of fighting & fear..

Random clips of Cus and Floyd Patterson followed by Mike Tyson amateur fight plus interview

Mike Tyson talks about his REAL Father Cus D'Amato

For more info on Cus D'Amato:



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