Monday, January 20, 2014

生日快樂 趙志淩 師父! Happy 71st Birthday Chiu Chi Ling!

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生日快樂 趙志淩 師父!  Happy Birthday Chiu Chi Ling! 

Chiu sifu turned 71!

He started learning Hung Ga from his father at the age of 6 ... 65 years of Hung Ga training!!

Readers may recognize him from Kung Fu Hustle.

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Enjoy these 5 videos in celebration of Chiu sifu's 71st birthday!

Chiu sifu's trapping hands

Five Animals Five Elements (Ten Form)

"Gung Gee Fook Fu Kuen" 工字伏虎拳 (Taming the Tiger)

Snake in the Eagle's Shadow scene

Kung Fu Hustle scene

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NOTE:  Posted 1/22/14 as-of 1/20. My thanks to David Jamieson and sanjuro_ronin from the Forum  for the reminder!



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