Thursday, January 02, 2014

Donnie Yen's Special ID - GIF Set 1 (Donnie vs Ken Lo)

Donnie Yen's new movie, Special ID, had him serving as the leading man as well as the Martial Arts Choreographer. There were some good fight scenes. He prefers to make make modern actioners as he loves MMA and would be able to incorporate some MMA into his fights as opposed to period pieces. Flash Point, which he made in 2007, is an awesome showcase of MMA moves. If you didn't see that movie yet, I have links below of GIFs I've made from that movie. 

I've made some animated GIFs highlighting parts of the fight scenes from Special ID. First up, the opening fight between Ken Lo (former bodyguard of Jackie Chan - best remembered fighting Jackie in Drunken Master 2). 

Enjoy this first set with two more GIF sets of this fight scene coming in the next few days. 

For Donnie's thoughts on Special ID, please check out:

For further info on Donnie Yen, please check out:

Animated GIF's I've made of Donnie Yen:

Videos of Donnie:



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