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1799 - New York passes a law aimed at gradually abolishing slavery in the state.

1879 - Anglo-Zulu War: Battle of Kambula: British forces defeat 20,000 Zulus.

Shaka Zulu... 'nuf said!

1886 - Dr. John Pemberton brews the first batch of Coca-Cola in a backyard in Atlanta, Georgia.

I'd like to teach the world to stop drinking soda...

1951 - Ethel and Julius Rosenberg are convicted of conspiracy to commit espionage.

1971 - A Los Angeles, California jury recommends the death penalty for Charles Manson and three female followers.

1973 - Vietnam War: The last United States combat soldiers leave South Vietnam.

1987 - WrestleMania III sets a world indoor attendance record at the Pontiac Silverdome with 93,173 fans.

2004 - The Republic of Ireland becomes the first country in the world to ban smoking in all work places, including bars and restaurants.


1867 - Cy Young, American baseball player (d. 1955)

1913 - Tony Zale, American boxer (d. 1997)

Hmmm...listed as May 29 for Zale's birth date, yet, the wiki page for March 29 has Zale's birthdate as March 29.

1917 - Man o' War, American thoroughbred racehorse (d. 1947)

The greatest Thoroughbred racehorse of all time... The name "upset" is thought to have come from the horse Upset, the only horse ever to beat the great "Man o' War".

1928 - Vincent Gigante, American mafioso (d. 2005)

aka The Chin aka The Oddfather because often wandered the streets of Greenwich Village, Manhattan in his bathrobe and slippers, mumbling incoherently to himself, in what Gigante later admitted was an elaborate act to avoid prosecution.

1940 - Astrud Gilberto, Brazilian singer

Astrud Gilberto (born March 29, 1940) is a Brazilian singer best known for her samba and bossa nova music, most famously as the vocalist on the Grammy Award-winning song "The Girl from Ipanema".

One of my favorite songs ever!

1943 - Vangelis, Greek musician and composer


1944 - Denny McLain, American baseball player

Last major league baseball pitcher to win 30 or more games in a single season.

1945 - Walt Frazier, American basketball player

Former NY Knick, Frazier is regarded as one of the best point guards in the history of the game.

1955 - Christopher Lawford, Irish actor

1955 - Marina Sirtis, English actress

Any Star Trek fan can tell you who this beautiful actress is :-)

1957 - Christopher Lambert, French actor

There can only be one!!!!! If you have never watched HIGHLANDER, you should. Cult classic.

1964 - Elle Macpherson, Australian model

Yummy! Supermodel alert!!

1968 - Lucy Lawless, New Zealand actress and singer


1976 - Jennifer Capriati, American tennis player


2005 - Johnnie Cochran, American lawyer (b. 1937)

Hmmm...OJ Simpson... glove....

"If the glove don't fit, you must acquit!"



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