Thursday, April 30, 2009


Welcome to Silat.TV - The First Social Network Dedicated to Silat!

The Best Source of Silat Videos and Information on the Internet!

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Silat.TV aims to bring together Silat practitioners from around the world in a thriving, video-centric online community. Silat.TV is a community of mutual respect and camaraderie. All are welcome!

I've known of the site for some time but never had time to surf over there to check out. From what I hear, it truly is THE site for silat. Check it out if you are into silat.



Steven M. Vance said...

I've been surfing it fairly often over the last couple of months, and it is great if you like Indonesian, Malaysian, Indochinese and related arts. Its where I found the info on the Baringin Sakti seminar I'm going to Sat/Sun, in Seattle. People have been pretty friendly there, as well.

Stickgrappler said...


my sincerest apologies. i neglected to post that i was reminded of the site from surfing your blog.

i will check it out one of these days.

thank you.


Steven M. Vance said...

I wasn't worried about it. You'll enjoy it, when you have time.

Unknown said...

On the subject of Silat,Have you had the opportunity to see Iko Uwais in "Merantau"? I've only seen the trailer,but I suspect comparisons to Tony Jaa,or Jee Jaa Yanin ("Chocolate")will be bandied about soon. I discovered your site by accident only yesterday,and find your words of wit and wisdom entertaining,informative, and uplifting. Thank you for the lead about "Ichi",looks interesting.;-)


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