Wednesday, April 08, 2009

LINKS: Personal Protection Systems / Darren Laur

Check out Personal Protection Systems / Darren Laur.

When I used to have more time in the past, Mr. Laur was prolific on many of the "martial arts" forums, and I would love to read his posts. He shared with the members of those forums various articles he wrote, and more importantly, his experience and wisdom in street situations. He was mostly concerned with "reality-based self defense" (RBSD)... what and how we trained in the "dojo" may not be what will really happen on the streets. His articles has helped me tremendously! Other RBSD instructors have material that is similar, but Mr. Laur was prolific in helping people with questions on the various forums as well as providing ease of access to his articles.

IMO, Mr. Laur's 40 or so articles should be on everyone's required reading list, that is, if your focus is on self-defense. Do yourself a favor and read his articles. It may save your butt!

Start with:

Street 101: How fights go down on the street and what to look for

I can go on and on from here on what to read and in what order, but your focus may not be my focus... your experience may be at a different level than mine... read the rest in any order you fancy.

The articles are mostly, if not all, in MS Word format, therefore, just right-click the link and do a save-as.




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