Saturday, November 04, 2017

The Ultimate Fighter Finale Season 16 - Vinc Pichel vs Rustam Khabilov (3 Suplexes!)

Happy 31st birthday Rustam Khabilov! I made a GIF set from his Preliminary fight vs Vinc Pichel in The Ultimate Fighter Finale Season 16. Khabilov suplexes Pichel, not once, not twice but thrice!

Enjoy the GIFs!

NOTE:  Posted 11/5 as of 11/4. This note is not included in Nov's wordcount.


(This section I will not add towards November's tally as well as the header picture I used above... I will only use hand-drawn pictures or animated GIFs I've created towards Nov's totals):

This post: 11,036 = 36 text + 11,000 (11 GIFs @ 1,000 each)
November running tally: 20,041 words
Words left:  29,959



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