Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Paladin Press: Legal Statement

Legal Statement

WARNING: Paladin does not intend for any of the information contained in its books or videos to be used for criminal purposes.

All U.S. and foreign customers:
It is YOUR responsibility to research and comply with all laws regarding the topics covered in Paladin books and videos. What law-abiding citizens choose to read in the privacy of their own homes is not the business of any government bureau, police department, or media organization, and Paladin will do everything possible to protect the privacy of its customers in this vital area. As a free American citizen, you still have the right to read and watch anything you want, including any of the books and videos in the Paladin catalog. And that has been the cornerstone of our publishing philosophy since its inception in 1970.

But the law is clear: There is an important distinction between personal or professional academic interest and criminal intent when one collects information concerning the construction of firearms and firearm silencers, the creation of a new identity, and other topics covered in the Paladin catalog.

To put it bluntly: Under current U.S. law you still have the right to read about these topics; you do not have the right to use what you’ve learned to commit a crime.



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