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Paladin Press: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Does your online catalog contain a description of ALL books available in your print catalog?
    Yes, and much more. Our print catalog does not include the best seller information, news releases, or author information included on our website.

  • Q. Can I order online?
    . Yes, in fact, our website makes it incredibly easy and convenient to order your favorite Paladin books and videos online. Our shopping cart system lets you add titles to your shopping cart while you browse and then takes you through a simple checkout procedure that sends your order directly to us. You can also save your shopping carts and return later to finish your purchase or create a wish list and e-mail it to your friends. And now, it's even easier to find the titles you're looking for. Whether you're seeking a specific book or video or simply browsing by subject matter or key word, our search engine will help you locate titles in your area of interest quickly and effortlessly. You can search by title, subtitle, keyword/description, author, or ISBN number - or simply browse our titles by category.

  • Q. What was the outcome of the Hit Man lawsuit?
    The case was initially dismissed at the U.S. district court level. The U.S. 4th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed that decision and ordered the case to trial. The U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear the case until after a trial. On the eve of jury selection for the trial, Paladin's insurance company, which was funding the majority of the defense costs, decided to settle the suit out of court against Paladin's wishes. The book is now out of print.

  • Q. What happened to your explosives books and videos?
    For various reasons - including 1) the settlement of the Hit Man lawsuit against Paladin and the legal precedent it has set, and 2) the passing of Senate Bill S606 (once the bill was signed into law, it became 18 U.S.C. 842(p)(2)) that criminalizes the distribution of information on explosives under certain circumstances - Paladin has been forced to carefully evaluate some of the books and videos we sell. In light of the current political and legal climate in this country, we have concluded that it is no longer feasible to publish or sell certain titles on explosives, demolitions, improvised weaponry, and self-defense.

  • Q. Are your books and videos legal?
    Yes. See our legal statement, by clicking here for more information.

  • Q. Are all of your videos available on DVD?
    Yes, all of our videos are now available in the DVD format. Our DVDs are encoded in the NTSC (U.S. standard), but are not region coded, so they will play in all countries as long as the DVD player can play NTSC DVDs. The majority of our DVDs are recorded on DVD-R media.

  • Q. Can overseas customers order Paladin Press books and videos?
    Yes. We mail to virtually every country in the world. However, it is YOUR responsibility to know and understand your country’s laws regarding the topics covered in Paladin books and videos. We are not responsible for books and videos seized by customs or any government agency.

  • Q. Can I have my overseas order shipped via Fed Ex, UPS or some other freight company?
    All international orders are shipped via International Air Service. Shipping via other methods is available and we can quote this for you, but it will probably cost at least three to four times as much as our standard shipping methods.

  • Q. I live overseas, and I placed an order for a number of books and videos. I received the books, but I don't have the videos yet. Why?
    Depending on the total weight of your order, sometimes it is necessary to separate books and DVDs into two separate packages. If so, the videos will usually arrive shortly after the books.

  • Q. Does Paladin make its mailing list available to the government or local police departments?
    Paladin has not and will never supply its mailing list to law enforcement or investigative agencies, but we comply (and must do so by law) with subpoenas.

  • Q. What is your policy on renting your mailing list?
    PALADIN PRESS RESPECTS YOUR PRIVACY! We DO NOT rent, sell or exchange names or personal information from our customer database to other companies.

  • Q. What happened to Loompanics Unlimited?
    Loompanics decided to close its doors in 2006, after 30 years in business. Founder Mike Hoy cited increased competition from such giants as Amazon and Barnes & Noble as well as simple burnout: he was ready to retire. We at Paladin Press had always admired the fearless Loompanics. After all, there just weren’t that many publishers in the country who produced books that even we wouldn’t touch! But when we heard the news, we struck a deal with Loompanics to acquire the rights to publish 40 titles we considered good fits for the Paladin catalog, including books by such popular authors as Claire Wolfe and Eddie the Wire. For a complete listing of Loompanics-related titles, please search for “Loompanics” on our website’s search engine.



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