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Paladin Press: Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

We thank you for your interest in Paladin Press. There are many good reasons to submit your book or video proposal to Paladin: we are the leading publisher in our field, we produce top-quality books and videos, and we pay royalties in full and on time. To assist you in your project, we ask that you observe the following guidelines when submitting a book or videotape proposal.

To submit a book proposal to Paladin Press, send an outline or chapter description along with one or two sample chapters (or the entire manuscript) to the address below. If applicable, samples of illustrations or photographs are also useful. Do not send a computer disk at this point, and be sure keep a copy of everything you send us. We are not accepting manuscripts as electronic submissions at this time. Please allow 2-6 weeks for a reply. If you would like your sample material returned, a self-addressed stamped envelope with proper postage is required.

Editorial Department
Paladin Press
5540 Central Avenue
Suite 200
Boulder, CO 80301 USA
editorial at paladin-press dot com

Submitting an idea for a video project is not much different from submitting a manuscript for a book. The first requirement is an outline describing as clearly as possible your idea for the project. Since you are proposing the production of a video, try to be as descriptive as possible concerning the things you actually want to appear on the finished tape. Descriptions of settings, locations, and any necessary sets or props are especially helpful.

The second requirement is a brief video sample of what you plan to feature in the finished video. This is analogous to the sample chapters required for a manuscript proposal. The sample should be a short demonstration highlighting the significant aspects of the proposed project and should feature you teaching or explaining as you would during the actual production. It should be submitted on a DVD, DVD-R, VHS or Mini-DV tape and need not be any more than 5-10 minutes in length. Hand-held footage shot by a friend with a camcorder is perfectly acceptable, and no editing or titling is necessary. We are simply interested in how you or the featured subject of the video actually appears on tape.

All materials related to video proposals should be addressed directly to:

Video Production Manager
Paladin Press
5540 Central Avenue
Suite 200
Boulder, CO 80301 USA
(ph) 303.443.7250
(fax) 303.442.8741
markg at paladin-press dot com

“I received my current royalty check and am very pleased with Paladin. You are truly an excellent company and deal well and fairly with your authors.” - William Durbin, author of Koga Ryu Ninjutsu “In the past, I wrote a few books for other publishers and found these experiences to be unsatisfactory. I prefer doing all of my writing for you.” - Tony Jones, author of several police science books “Having recently worked for another publishing company, I can now tell you from experience that Paladin treats its authors with respect uncommon in the industry.” - Jerry Beasley, author of The Jeet Kune Do Experience “Lemme tell you, Paladin is prince among publishers as far as keeping its word, paying, etc. I respect the hell out of you. - Chris Pfouts, author of Lead Poisoning and True Tales of American Violence

There are many good reasons for authors to choose Paladin Press as their publishing house, but one of the top is the fact that Paladin pays royalties in full, on time, every time.

Paladin calculates royalties for two six-month periods: December to June and July to November. Our staff begins preparing statements around June 1 and December 1, and checks and final statements—accounting for all books and videos sold and money due—mail on June 15 and December 15. This has been our policy for 30 years.

Other publishing companies often hold a portion of author royalties in arrears for various reasons. The most typical is a “reserve against returns,” which refers to the practice of withholding royalties in anticipation of receiving books returned for refund from customers or bookstores (royalties are not paid on returned items).

Paladin has never and will never retain a reserve with your royalties. If we sold one copy or 1,000 copies of your book or video, we calculate and pay you the money due on those sales. The number of returned items (typically very low with Paladin) is listed on your statement.

Ask any Paladin author about our royalty policies and payments, and you are likely to receive the same answer: Paladin pays its authors conscientiously, consistently, and completely. And if you have questions, there is no phone tree or bureaucracy to break through: our staff is always available by e-mail or phone and will promptly address any inquiries.



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