Monday, September 08, 2014

IN MEMORY OF: Evan Tanner (Feb 11, 1971 - Sep 8, 2008) (Archiving his blogs)

6 years ago today ... In memory of Evan Tanner, I'm going to archive all of his blogs I can find and add them to my site. This will be one of my ongoing projects.

Below are 2 links to the front page of his site and the 2000 or so comments upon the news of his death - I had to break it up into 2 posts, my webhost couldn't process it all on one page. Hopefully it displays properly, if not, I will clean it up and may have to split it up to 3 or 4 entries.

Do you have a memory or story of Evan you want to share? Please post in the Comments section below.

RIP Evan Tanner

Starting my archiving of Evan Tanner's blogs project with these 2 entries first:

My previous entries on Evan Tanner:

For further info:



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