Wednesday, September 09, 2009

MMA: 1 year anniversary (and 1 day) of Evan Tanner's death

Photo Credit:  Wiki

I missed posting about the 1 year anniversary of Evan Tanner's death yesterday. My thanks to my friend Hugo Hanriot for reminding me about it. Hugo posted on his Facebook a link to a Youtube vidclip and the following:

"Tanner was one of a kind. He fought in the pre-Zuffa "dark ages" on MMA, won the Japanese "King of Pancrase" title, & won the UFC 185 title.

When he started fighting, his only training was high school wrestling & what he learned on the 1st Gracie Jiu Jitsu instructional videos.

He was a fighter who was more interested in being a seeker & a humanitarian, & developing into a hell of a writer. It's a damn shame we never got to see what he would've done after he retired from fighting.

Tue at 5:18pm"

RIP Evan Tanner


Anonymous said...

Just saw that you posted this. We all miss Evan Tanner, he was one of us. Thanks for posting it SG.

- Hugo


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