Thursday, September 10, 2009

Stickgrappler went to Disney World and all he got us were these lousy pictures?!?!?!

8/31/09 - 9/5/09 -- 6 days and 5 nights... took my wife and 3 kids to Disney World. We have never been there. Great time was had by all.

At Epcot, there is a World Showcase, a few countries were represented. Took some pictures of slight 'martial' value.

*** Norway ***

*** Germany ***

*** Japan ***

There were walking canes hand-carved by an African artist that I was not able to take pictures of :-(

Next time, I go to Disney World, I'll be sure to get you guys a T-shirt and a mug or something instead of lousy pix :-)


EDIT: ugh! the 2nd pic in Germany should be showing 3 stautes. You can save the pic and view it offline in your pic viewer of choice.

EDIT 2: looks like the pictures I put up to my Facebook is not showing up. When I have time I will upload the pix to my pichost. Sorry about that.



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