Monday, September 08, 2014

Ross Enamait's new ebook - Untapped Strength

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The great Ross Enamait has a new ebook out called Untapped Strength. First the blurb about the book:

Untapped Strength is a 244 page e-book that is dedicated to lower arm development. This program is not intended for grip competitors, but rather athletes and exercise enthusiasts who wish to develop the lower arms to enhance performance and improve overall strength. Throughout the book, I detail a simplified approach to lower arm training that is intended to complement your existing routine. Regardless of your athletic goals, stronger hands, fingers, and wrists will enhance performance and reduce risk of injury. 

As a martial artist, grip strength is pretty important overall. Afterall, a strong grip allows you to retain your tool, be it a knife, sword, stick, staff, etc. A strong grip allows one to grip the clothing of an opponent which can be the beginning of a choke or a throw. Need I go further?

And just in case, you have been living under a rock - Ross Enamait is a high performance conditioning, strength developement and boxing coach. He favors homemade equipment and bodyweight exercises. He is well-known throughout the world and the Interwebz. His site is full of information in helping the athlete and martial artist maximize their performance and conditioning. Check it out if you haven't ever been there:

I'm going to be ordering this book and look to improve my lower arms and grip with Ross Enamait's help.

Ordering info here:

Do you already have the book? If so, please leave me a comment below with your review. I thank you in advance.



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