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Lameco Eskrima Goals: Edgar G. Sulite (1995)

Stickgrappler's Note: Punong Guro Edgar Sulite would've been 57 today. He died at 39 years of age 5 months before his 40th Birthday.

It is also the 33rd Anniversary of Lameco Eskrima today. The system was created on Punong Guro Edgar G. Sulite's Birthday, September 25, 1981.

With Guro David Gould's gracious permission, I'm reposting this from his Lameco Eskrima Orehenal Facebook Group in honor of PG Sulite's birthday today. It is an article from the Vortex Newsletter which was the official medium through which PG Edgar Sulite would communicate with his Students and his Lameco Eskrima Association. In each issue PG Sulite would write several Articles regarding training in Lameco Eskrima.

Lameco Eskrima Goals: Edgar G. Sulite (1995)

It is my true goal and the goal of the Lameco Eskrima International Association to promote goodwill to mankind throughout the world. Regardless of race, nationality, and language, that all must be treated equal in order to encourage brotherhood, not only in the Filipino Martial Arts but regarding other Martial Arts as well.

Pride and the feeling of superiority over another has no place in the heart of a true Lameco Eskrima practitioner, nor does the feeling of inferiority.

A true Lameco Eskrima practitioner must be: humble, courteous, helpful, kind and polite. A true Lameco Eskrima practitioner does not criticize the people, systems and styles of other Martial Arts Schools.

A person who does not have the above qualities do not have a place in the Lameco Eskrima Brotherhood.

As the leader of this prestigious association, it will reflect upon me, any and all good or bad actions which my students may do. If you do something that will uplift or mar the association, it will reflect on me as your head instructor and the whole Lameco Eskrima International Association as well.

A question which you need to ask of yourself daily: How did you represent the association outside your class? “Encourage your friend and he will become your brother, always dig for reasons to applaud; never scratch for excuses to gossip, when you are tempted to criticize - bite your tongue - when you move to praise - shout from your roof.”

If you have this character within yourself then you will be making friends, not enemies.

If you honestly feel that within yourself that you do not have this character yet go home and swing your Garote for 24 hours a day until you become a refined person that the Lameco Eskrima International Association will be proud of.

Punong Guro Edgar G. Sulite
(circa 1995 At the Vortex volume 4 number 1)

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