Thursday, December 11, 2008

NEWS: Search and find magazines on Google Book Search

Search and find magazines on Google Book Search
12/09/2008 09:47:00 AM




Today, we're announcing an initiative to help bring more magazine archives and current magazines online, partnering with publishers to begin digitizing millions of articles from titles as diverse as New York Magazine, Popular Mechanics, and Ebony. Are you a baseball history fanatic? Try a search for [hank aaron pursuing babe ruth's record] on Google Book Search. You'll find a link to a 1973 Ebony article about Hank Aaron, written as he closed in on Babe Ruth's original record for career home runs. You can read the article in full color and in its original context, just as you would in the printed magazine. Scroll back a few pages, for example, and you'll find a two-page spread on 1973's fall fashions. If you'd like to read further, you can click on "Browse all issues" to view issues from across the decades.


Now here is the cool part of this news item.... check out the Black Belt magazine archives on google books here:

I haven't had time yet to go through all of the Black Belt issues, but there are a lot up... there may be a few holes in the collection. I don't know yet, but I will be poring over the archives in the next few days.

NOTE: props to Spladdle member RPP for giving me a heads-up on this!


The Warrior said...

Hey there!

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hey there, sorry, i dont know who Matt Chancey to vote for him, let alone know where to vote. sorry. good luck to him and you!


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