Monday, December 29, 2008

LINKS: check out my friend Jason Couch's site, Martial History Magazine

Check out my friend Jason Couch's site: Martial History Magazine. Met him in person some years ago when he drove 4 hours in the rain to attend a Phil Dunlap Kachin Bando seminar. Good guy! He was one of the moderators on the now-extinct History forum of the Underground. By profession he is a lawyer, but he is a good Martial Arts Historian/Researcher as well as an experienced martial artist. I've lost contact with him... all my fault, what with life, career, and family.

Check out his site for his articles. Here's two I found very interesting:

Chinese-American Boxers Before 1900

Myth: Canes Required Carry Permits

He also had an article on the "Chopper", which he posted about in the Underground's History forum. I cannot find the link now, but it was about the backfist, or as it is known in pugilism as a chopper.

While you are at it, Jason wrote a great article on Purring (English shin-kicking sport!), found at the EJMAS site:

Purring (original essay) by Jason Couch



Anonymous said...

Ha ha, how you been, SG? It's been awhile now, hasn't it? I've been out of pocket for much too big of a chunk of 2008 with the new baby, work etc., but it looks like I may be able to get back to writing. Once this shoulder heals up some more I may even be able to -gasp- get in some actual training.

Anyway, I love your site- it's funny that we run so much in the same circles and barely seem to bump into each other online anymore. Anyway, keep up the good work my friend!

Jason Couch

Stickgrappler said...


*bows deeply*

CONGRATULATIONS on your new addition! Now have 2 more babies and you would've caught up to me :-)

I know all too well how real life with baby and work can get in the way of you hobby and training. Speedy recovery on your shoulder! Good luck to you!

Part of us not running into each other online is well all my fault. I'm still playing catchup on my reading sadly. I went through a spell of not staying in contact with the scene/forums/mailing lists and I had no idea that the UG dropped/lost the History Forum :-(

Whatever 'work' I do on my site/blog pales in comparison to your work. I look forward to more of your articles/research, and of course, when you have time as you have entered the Family Man stage of life LOL Welcome to the club, Dad ;-)

very truly yours in the MA,



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