Thursday, December 25, 2008

How do you live your DASH?

As this is the holiday season, I forgot where I read or heard this but there is some statistic that says that the most suicides are committed around this time of year. I could be wrong on this and hope I am. But I can see that it could be true. It is supposed to be a time of happiness and of getting together with family and friends. Perhaps those driven to suicide are lonely and their only friend is the bottle or worst drugs? As the New Year comes upon them, perhaps they look back and see that the previous year was unfruitful and get morose about it.

As the New Year approaches, I reflect upon my life and I thought of this post by my friend Dave "Yoda" Green. I hope this inspires you as it does me.


Posted by YODA on 11-17-2002 04:55 PM to Martial Arts Planet

EDIT: May 12, 2014

Took down the poem Dave Green posted to Martial Arts Planet back in 2002 which I've reposted here at the request of the Author's attorney. If you are interested in the poem, it's called "The Dash", written by Linda Ellis. You can purchase copies of her book with that and other poems and prose by her here:

Please check out her site and purchase a copy of the book, The Dash is a good and inspiring poem.

Thank you.



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